Voltex's "Teens Talent Development Scheme" class focuses on teens between the age of 13 to 20. Our Teens TDS class has 2 levels: level (I) for beginner and intermediate teens, level (II) for advanced and competitive teens. Many of our students started with us from scratch, with absolutely no experience or knowledge in badminton, but after grinding through our training programmes, they have emerged as key school team players and even regular competition medalists. These students will end up representing Team Voltex and compete in local and international competitions. Our training system has been tested and proven with remarkable results along the years and will be deemed useful to players keen to improve.

Secondary schools & tertiaries currently under Voltex Badminton Academy:

• Tampines Meridian Junior College
• Madrasah Al-Arabiah Secondary School
• Barclyne College International (Secondary)

Development Path

Singapore National Team
Pro adapt; represent Singapore in BWF tournaments
Voltex Intermediate Squad (VIS)
Represent Voltex in national & international tournaments
Achieving top 4 in national age-group tournaments
15 years old
Secondary 3
School Team Selection
13 years old   |   14 years old
Secondary 1 & 2
DSA Trials to JC/Polytechnic/ITE
16 years old   |   17 years old
Secondary 4 & 5 
Completion of studies
16 years old   |   17 years old
Secondary 4 & 5 
National Intermediate Squad (NIS)
Prepare for NIS selection to be able to represent Singapore
Tertiary Team Selection
17 years old   |   18 years old
JC Y1, Poly Y1 or ITE Y1 
Class levels: Level I (Beginner/Intermediate) & Level II (Advanced/Competitive)
At Voltex Badminton Academy, it is crucial that our students develop a strong base of fundamentals in order to maximise their learning and to correctly progress their skills and techniques. Our training system has been tested and proven over the years, allowing students to see improvements within a targeted time frame. For more seasoned shuttlers, we offer a whole new level of training with more advanced programmes used by the National Team, friendly matches with different schools/academies and 1-to-1 sparring sessions with our coaches. Our head coach have intensively planned their curriculum to expedite their improvement level and to prepare them for school and individual competitions. We also thoroughly prepare our students for Direct School Admission (DSA) trials, with high success rate of DSA acceptance in elite schools over the past few years. We aim to develop more teens into the NIS and eventually into the National Squad as well.
Training System: Level I (Beginner/Intermediate)

⋆ Basic gripping of racket

⋆ Basic serving

⋆ Basic footwork/court coverage

⋆ Basic agility & physical endurance

⋆ Basic multiple drills

⋆ Basic badminton rules & point system

⋆ Basic gameplay strategies

Training System: Level II (Advanced/Competitive)
⋆ Advanced techniques

⋆ Advanced footwork

⋆ Advanced court coverage (singles & doubles)

⋆ Advanced agility & physical endurance

⋆ Advanced multiple drills

⋆ 1-to-1 sparring sessions with our coaches

⋆ Strategic planning

⋆ Exposure to different aspects of the game

⋆ Gameplay (singles & doubles)

⋆ Friendly matches (locally & internationally)

⋆ Represent Voltex in tournaments

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